Watching Bring the Soul: Vlog + Mini Review!

In this video, I vlog my experience when I went to watch Bring The Soul in theaters! This is one of my favorite movies because the movie is about BTS! I love them so much and look up to them a lot so I am really happy that they made a third movie!

The movie was a lot of fun! I also go to Hot Topic to look at their BT21 merchandise. At the end I also give you a mini movie review. I loved this movie. It made me laugh, and cry lol. Check it out!

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Following a Bob Ross Tutorial: In Miniature! (Video)

In this video I attempt to follow a Bob Ross tutorial but in miniature!

I have done some miniature art videos (like this one!) and those inspired me to make this video. Not gonna lie it was kinda hard lol. At first I wasn’t satisfied with the result, but I mean, it was the first time I tried following that tutorial so that’s understandable. Hopefully in the future I get to make more of these paintings and I’ll try to improve! Check it out!

DIY Doll Music Studio!

In this video, I made a diy doll music studio from scratch! I love this doll diy! This my favorite craft project that I’ve every made. I hope you find this video entertaining! Check it out and enjoy! ❤️

BTS Taehyung Scenery Guitar Cover!

In this video, I cover Scenery by Kim Taehyung in the guitar! I really look up to him as an artist and as a person, so I decided to cover his song to support him! Although this took a lot of work, I still had fun recording and editing this video. I hope you enjoy the video! ?

Unboxing/Walkthrough BTS Map Of The Soul Persona Album

In this video I unbox and review Map Of The Soul Persona album by BTS! I love their work so much and I love that their albums are really well made! Congratulations to them and I wish them a lot of success and love and all the good things in the world! I really recommend this album, for the music and all the items that it includes! Check out my Map Of The Soul Persona Unboxing video!

My Doll Repaints My Painting! (Stop Motion)

In this video, my doll repaints my painting! One day I posted a blog post about a painting of a guitar pop art style. And in this video, my doll tries to recreate that painting! I thought it was a cool video idea concept! I like how the stop motion turned! Watch until the end because it also includes behind the scenes of the stop motion! Check it out!

Colorful Guitar Pop art!

I think this is the best painting I’ve ever made! Because I really like how the painting is well detailed in my opinion. I also think it turned out really good because I’ve drawn A LOT of guitars and now I know a lot of details about the characteristics of guitars. I can’t count how many guitar paintings I’ve painted! I’ll keep practicing to get better in my paintings!